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The Traveler’s Guide: #3 Filofax | Weekly Agenda Inserts

“Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.”Thomas Edison

I don’t recall when my love of analog planners began. All I remember was that I have always loved handwritten projects. Perhaps it has something to do with being a 90’s kid, where computer technology was only at its initial stages. These days there are thousands of planner/calendar apps to choose from, but it just isn’t the same as planning by hand. Additionally, I have always believed that if you write down your thoughts and to-do lists, you won’t easily forget them.

Consequently, my passion for Filofax began. Who knew that a simple leather-bound binder would give me so much joy. Filled with different kinds of inserts and customisations to choose from, I was in stationery heaven. Established in 1921, Filofax are well-known for their personal organisers, which has thankfully kept up with the rise of digital calendars.

Nowadays, with a loyal fan base, organiser/planner inserts can easily be purchased throughout the world. Aside from Filofax, Etsy is a great place to find personalised inserts. There are literally thousands of designs to choose from. You can spend days trying to find the perfect inserts online. Nevertheless, it is always cheaper and sometimes easier to create them yourself if you cannot find the best design.

With the exception of designing inserts with a pen and ruler, the best software I have used (so far) is Excel. With a bit of patience and creativity, you can create the perfect insert of your choosing.

Subsequently, I have finally designed my own set of inserts that I would like to share with you all. If you are interested in using them, the inserts should fit all A5 planner systems. Comments and feedback are welcomed. Downloads are available below:

⁃ A5 Weekly Insert (undated)
⁃ A5 Agenda with Weekly Habit Tracker

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