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The Traveler’s Guide: #2 Traveler’s Company Notebook

“There was something very comfortable in having plenty of stationery.”Charles Dickens

One of my recent purchases that I fell in love with was my traveler’s notebook, olive edition. I first noticed the traveler’s notebook back in 2012, when it was previously known as Midori. Back then, I was looking for a planner/diary setup, so I purchased the brown edition with a few inserts. I remember travelling with it for a year and then setting aside for my new-found passion with Filofax (another future blog post).

Towards the beginning of 2018, I came to realise (again) my love for writing. Due to having a full-time job, I truly missed writing. Thus, I was on the lookout for a new notebook for my daily journal writing. After spending a lot of time on YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest, I wanted to revisit the traveler’s notebook again, especially the olive edition; and thus started a whole new adventure in researching different refills and setting up the traveler’s notebook to my liking.

I should mention, my traveler’s notebook isn’t the cheapest of setups. I wanted to create the perfect setup for my liking, otherwise I knew I wouldn’t use it to the fullest. Knowing myself, I have rarely stuck with a planner/notebook for more than a year.

Current TN Setup:

Below, I have listed my current traveler’s notebook setup. I have also provided links to the stores as to where I purchased them previously.

Olive Limited Edition Traveler’s Notebook

As stated above, I fell straight for the olive edition traveler’s notebook. The leather on the olive edition is softer and smoother than their regular version. Even after rolling the leather on my brown edition. It also smells amazing. Although, not quite sure if the Traveler’s Company changed their leather after they switched from Midori.

Some people say it looks more brown than olive. But if you compare then side by side, the olive edition is definitely greener, a dark olive/forest green. Sadly, my photographs doesn’t capture the true colour, but I can confirm its beauty.

Clear Zipper Pocket #008

The clear zipper pocket is a temporary setup. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of the clear pocket. For some reason, the zipper keeps moving beyond the edge of the  leather wallet, and that annoys me. I only added this to protect the leather wallet from rubbing against the elastic knot at the back of the traveler’s notebook. Nevertheless, it is useful for storing ephemera. I may replace this in future with a file folder.

Leather Wallet, Galen Leather

My current favourite insert is the leather wallet from Galen Leather. Made from real leather, this rustic wallet is visually stunning. It has plenty of pockets, even a zipper and a pen holder. Not forgetting that leather smell. It can even fit the Hobonichi weeks. If you are looking for an insert with plenty of pockets, then I highly recommend choosing this version. You can even personalise the wallet as a stand-alone traveler’s notebook that comes with the elastics attached.

Additionally, I also purchased their leather tag. One of my favourite quotes from Tolkien “Not all those who wander are lost”. How could I resist? The tag definitely completes the overall look of the traveler’s notebook.

TN Refill, Grid #002

Grid paper is the best style I use for daily writing. It’s a personal preference, but as a lefty that could never write straight, the grid lines help greatly. The paper quality is decent. It can take a fine fountain pen and one layer of brush pen. In future, I may switch to using Tomoe River paper. But for now it’s good for daily journalling.

Baum-Kuchen Notebook

For future travelling, I wanted a second notebook insert. Thus, I found a lovely notebook from Baum-Kuchen. This will be very useful in showing all my travel photographs and ephemera that I’ve collected. It’s a beautiful notebook, using different kinds of paper. Perfect for scrapbooking.

Hobonichi Weeks Memo Pad

A very small and thin memo pad from Hobonichi. I stick this into the Galen Leather wallet slot. I haven’t found a use for it yet. I’m thinking of using this as a colour swatch book for all my coloured pens and watercolour sample test. Just so that I can refer back to it if I’m looking for certain colours to use for my journal.


Overall, I am in love with my current traveler’s notebook. Not only does it look amazing, but it’s also very functional. The perfect addition for travelling. If you are looking for a journal, then I highly recommend you try the traveler’s notebook. It’s very versatile to individual needs, whether you’re an artist or writer. How do you setup your Traveler’s Notebook? Would love to hear from you.

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